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Birthing pictures haunting me January 3, 2009

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So, it’s the new year.  I’m testing out this wordpress thing with the idea I might delete my myspace account and move over here instead.

Anna just told us she never wants to get married. The reason? She found a picture of her birth. Well, it was pretty graphic – Phil was getting ready to cut the umbilical cord and everything was plainly in view, blood and all. She said if she gets married, she knows that will happen to her, so she never wants to get married.

What the hell do I do with that information? I called Deb (my sister).

First of all, she told me that at this point, it’s not a bad thing that she thinks that. She begged me to show her 20 year old daughter that picture. Anyway, I put her on the phone with Anna and she told Anna that it was OK, she could become a nun if she wanted, or if she decided later to get married, that she was a nurse and knew other ways to get babies out. I also told her of our oldest sister Geri who is (more or less) married and has no kids.

She wants to be a zoological veternarian right now. Her Dad (horrified as he was at this whole conversation) told her that if she wants to be a zoo vet she’s going to see a lot of animals giving birth and she’d have to get over that. She said she was, but at the same time didn’t want to have it happen to her.

This was my first OMG WHAT DO I DO experience with my eldest. I thank God Deb was around so I could get her help. I still feel a bit … shocked? … and concerned that I scarred her for life by not  shredding those pictures into a million pieces and throwing them to the bottom of the trash can earlier than I did tonight.

Is it bedtime yet?


4 Responses to “Birthing pictures haunting me”

  1. justcallmemara Says:

    I have not done anything with it for a while but my wordpress account is

  2. justcallmemara Says:

    I guess I should have said that justcallmemara is Amber

  3. justcallmemara Says:

    funny. 8o) I think you handled it very well.
    I remember looking at one of debs nursing books while babysitting on day and seeing a woman giving birth, I thought “no way”
    I guess you could say I got over that.
    Isn’t parenting fun.
    Let me know what you think about wordpress.

  4. chelsea Says:

    soo.. i def! do not need to see those pictures.. haha dont worry she will probably forget all about that in a couple of weeks… 🙂
    love you

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