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Damned surgery… January 5, 2009

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So I just got a call from Dr. Hall’s surgery coordinator, and he’s going to be removing my gallbladder this week on Thursday.  It’s Monday afternoon and I find out that Thursday afternoon is the date?  ARGH!  Phil has to arrange for time off work, I have to arrange for someone to watch the girls, PLUS they’re on me for a past due amount on the surgery I had last March that I hadn’t finished paying off yet.  Since I still owe a (little) bit, they want this surgery up front – $545 total.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but I just don’t have that sitting around in my accounts freely this close to Christmas. 

*sigh*  Everything’s falling into place, but it’s easier to worry about the details than the surgery itself. Last March I had a “girlie” surgery done, but the two surgeries I had before that were pretty dicey.  The last one they had to remove a filter through an artery running through my heart, and the one before that (with the exception of implanting the filter) caused me to develop a DVT.  I know this needs to get done, but I don’t have good experience with surgeries.

Phil’s bosses have generously given him the time off work, even on the short notice. MIL will be around to watch Eva, and Amy’s going to watch Anna after school on Thursday until we’re home.  My surgery is at noon, so it’s hard to say when that will be.  As for the money part of it, well, I’m borrowing from my Dad.  I’ve got an email into my Daisy Scout co-leaders and Cookie Moms to see if they can jump in and handle/help handle the meeting next Monday. I should be up to moving around normally by then, but keeping up with 13 six year olds could still be a bit of a problem.

Oh, and did I mention that we all have colds in the house and that I haven’t gotten my blood work done yet?

OK.  I know I’m on a tangent and I know I’m worrying too much, but it’s easier to think about the little things….




One Response to “Damned surgery…”

  1. justcallmemara Says:

    wow! I have never had a surgery so I cannot even imagine! Hang in there. I will be praying

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