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So, like I was saying…. May 21, 2010

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Raising girls is hard. So I remember kids being mean when I was younger, but why is it so much worse now?

So my oldest is getting ready to turn 8. She’s thrilled, of course. Against my better judgement, we’re having a big party. While handing out invitations, one little girl crumpled up the invitation and threw it away. A’s reaction? She wanted to give the girl another one and not say anything BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T WANT ANY OF THE OTHER GIRLS TO GET MAD AT HER. The week before that the girls were talking about an outing that they had all been to – all except her – in front of her. The level of cattiness at such a young age is astounding to me. And my dear little A just tries her best not to rock the boat and to be friends with everyone. I try to talk to the parents about it – what do they tell me?

“She’s just so much smarter than the rest of the girls!”
“Her personality doesn’t click with the girls.”
“My daughter says A’s the smartest child she’s ever met!”

OK. So reading between the lines, A’s either been a little know-it-all to them in the past, or they think she’s – GASP! – a nerd. How do I help her then? I refuse to tell her to “dumb it down”. I have had a talk with her about being bossy, which she’s taken to heart. She does have some very wonderful friends, which are dear to her heart. It’s not like she’s a loner.

Oh, and in other news, E had mono, had to stop playing soccer, and goes back to the kidney doctor next month.

Hubs is working hard towards a decade-long goal in his professional career. Things are looking really promising for him.

I stopped doing Brownies.

And I’m tired. That’s all for now. See you in another six months….


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