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Rheumatologist visit June 23, 2010

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First, let me say Dr. Thomas Rennie is a wonderful man. He spent 30-45 minutes IN THE ROOM with me. Amazing.

Long story short, in addition to the fibromyalgia, he thinks I may have a specific type of arthritis, not just “general” osteoarthritis. You see, in addition to everything muscular/neurological, I have ulcerative colitis. Until now, no one has told me there is a specific type of arthritis that is common in people with UC.  He’s doing tests to see which one it is. He took six vials of blood and after the 10th x-ray, I lost count — but he’s really trying to get to the bottom of this.

Dr. Rennie’s taken me off ibuprofen and put me on voltaren and amrix – a muscle relaxer. He told me to keep up with the cobraxin. The no-ibuprofen thing was hard on me last night, but I’ll get used to it.

I’m hopeful. Hopeful that I can bend over to empty the dishwasher and put away laundry without pain. Hopeful that I can push Eva on the swings for more than 3 minutes at a time. Hopeful that I can wake up feeling like I slept, instead of counting the number of times I was awake during the night because of pain. I’m hopeful for a “normal” life.

— Crystal


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