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Upcoming August 17, 2010

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Here we are. The start of another school year. My oldest will be in third grade this year. Some of the people I went to school with have seniors in high school (or freshmen in college). That one kinda hurts. But, I digress….

I don’t think I could be a school administrator. Can you imagine changing a kids’ life forever by putting her in a class with another certain kid? They could become best friends, marry in 10 years, or bully someone, forever destroying self-confidence. I always worry about Anna. Not that she’ll bully someone, but that she’ll become the target of a bully. There’s one little girl at dance who causes Anna problems. They won’t partner her with Anna anymore – Thank God!

On the other hand, next year Eva will be starting school. Let me tell you, she’s shy when you are first around her, but man, she won’t take any crap from anyone. I can’t imagine how many times I’m going to be called to the office on that one. Then again, she is pretty sneaky. She may not get caught in her shenanigans.

Regardless, back to school, back to dance, back to soccer. Right now, it’s looking like we’ll have something every day of the week except Friday. I have become ridiculously appreciative of my Nook. I’ve got about 100 books on it right now, and it fits in my purse. My Sirius radio is great for all the chauffeuring back and forth across town, usually during rush hour. I am equipped to do what my kids need me to do this fall.

Phil’s doing much better. You can read his blog here.

On another note…

I’m starting to get this itch every so often. I think it’s time to do something wild again. I need to let my hair down. Gotta think on this one. Something’s coming…

Time for a glass of wine and a sugar cookie.


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