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August August 18, 2011

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So Dad had open heart surgery. There’s a deep terror that you really don’t know until you hear a nurse say that your Dad’s heart is stopped and a machine is acting as an intermediary for it. Someone TOUCHED my Dad’s heart. He CUT it. He felt it beat in his hands. He removed a bad valve as if he were working on a car – “Yeah… It looks like we gotta replace the mitral valve. Ayup. I’ll check around the back an’ see if I gotsa spare. Prolly gunna have to use a cow’s valve. Don’t worry, it’ll work the same. Tells you what I’m gunno do. I’ll see if I’ve gotta bull valve back there. I’ll toss in the upgrade for free just to git ‘er done.”

Or something.

Then came the call from Deb: “They’re taking Dad back in and opening him up again. They need to see if they missed a stitch or something because Dad’s bleeding too much.” So we all rush to the hospital in sheer terror. His heart was “oozing” more blood than the chest tube could keep up with. His blood pressure was too low because the heart had too much blood around it and the chest tube couldn’t keep up. So, Dr went in, cleaned out his chest and determined that Dad’s heart was just “large” and the surface area was raw, so that’s what was causing the problem. He cleaned it out and everything clicked. Dad was off the ventilator within a few hours and out of ICU the same day.

Unfortunately, I had to leave that same day. I promised Dad that I would make sure my girls came first. Anna had back to school / meet the teacher that night, and Eva’s was/is the next (tonight). My youngest baby is starting kindergarten on Monday. I know she’ll do great, but of course I worry about her.

Then, on the 29th, Phil’s promotion goes into effect. He’ll move over to “The Castle” (that’s really what they call it) and start his job as a Sales Engineer. We need to go shopping, since his t-shirt and jeans time is coming to an end. He worked so very, very hard for this job. He studied every single night for hours to prove himself. I am beyond proud. I am beaming with pride. He earned this.

More about ME on another entry.


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