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Whirlwind! August 24, 2011

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Yesterday Dad had a pacemaker put in. Today he’s going home.

It’s really hard being so far away when you’re as close to your Dad as I am. I’m certain I am where I need to be, though… Most of the time anyway. Eva had a very hard first day of school and sobbed because she didn’t want to go back to school. Yesterday Anna spilled spaghetti on her shirt during lunch, so I had another shirt up to the school in 3 minutes (literally – I timed it!). Tomorrow night we have our “GT parent orientation meeting” and Friday is Phil’s last day in Managed Backup. He starts as a Sales Engineer on Monday.

Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll know a bit more of what my family’s schedule is going to look like so I can try to get back up and spend some time with Dad. He can’t stay on his own for a while, so my siblings are taking turns staying with him. If we lived in St. Joe it would be easy for me to stay with Dad – I could do it all the time! Unfortunately, I don’t. Since Phil’s going to be working on the other side of town until 6 p.m., it’s conceivable he won’t get home in the evenings until 7-7:30. With school bedtime being at 8/8:30, it’s going to be a big adjustment for everyone.

I’ve got a call into my rheumatologist. I’ve developed a tremor in my hands. Usually, it’s when I’m doing “close work,” like texting or buttoning or writing. I think it’s probably part of the carpal tunnel, but I want to make sure. I’m also looking for a stronger pain pill. I’m considering getting a handicapped placard I could use on those occasions where I feel I need it. I just don’t know if I want to do that or not yet.

It’s hot. Too hot. Kids are going to only have indoor recess this week because it’s going to be 104-110 (yes, that’s not a typo) in the afternoons. Still no rain.


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