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Music assignment November 10, 2011

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I love blog assignments. I used to give them, but life got busy.

Today’s assignment is to turn on your iPod, list the songs you hear and where you are transported to when you hear them.

Temples of Syrinx by Rush: Easiest one. Phil and I met on a MOO called SyrinxMOO. It was for Rush fans. Funny thing is neither of us were really Rush fans at that time. We’d just had friends encourage us to go there and hang out.

Everybody Hurts by REM: Forever I will now think of Amy’s harp solo on Big Bang Theory.

People Are Strange by The Doors: Anyone remember the movie Lost Boys? The first teen vampire movie? Yeah. That.

Under Pressure by David Bowie: I think of the first semester of my senior year in high school. I was very overcommitted. I was in a play and student director of a second one. I was in as many honors classes as our school offered and committed to keep a 4.0 GPA. I was in the National Honor Society and SADD (didn’t go to too many meetings though). I was editor of the yearbook and a perfectionist. AND I had a serious boyfriend. I was indeed Under Pressure.

1999 by Prince: How many times did we all promise that “No matter where we are, let’s all get together on Dec 31, 1999 and have an epic party together!” Mine was pretty great, though. I was at my favorite club dancing with my favorite people & laughing so very hard when Phil would put a hat on his brother and then cock it gently to one side. We also kept putting empty “test tubes” in his pocket. It was an AWESOME night.

That’s all for now.



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