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Sorry for the slacking – weekend pictures November 27, 2011

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I slacked off on my picture-posting responsibilities. Sorry! Here are the weekend pictures:

Friday's wound photo

Saturday's Picture
Today – Sunday’s picture:

Sunday's picture

The wound care person we had on Saturday morning and this morning was really great. She did a much, much more thorough job than any of the others have. She hurt Phil quite a bit, but she cleaned it much more intensely, working to remove the dead tissue. We are calling in the morning to request that she be the one to keep returning.

Tomorrow is the last day we have ordered for the IV antibiotics. It’s on our list to call and make sure that we don’t need to continue, and see when he can have the PICC line removed. He returns to the surgeon on Tuesday and back to the infectious disease doctor this week too. I don’t know how long wound care will be coming. We are hoping the wound will be closed within a month or so.

Wishing all of you a quiet, boring week!


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