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Growing up December 4, 2012

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So, you have kids. When they’re little, you do the playdates and make friends with the Moms. The kids aren’t in school yet, so it’s a nice blend – the Mom friends and the kid friends.

Then the kids grow up and hit tween-dom. That’s when the problems start.

Suddenly this one’s too cool to hang out with that one. Then this one’s friends don’t like that one’s friends. Or they grow apart and have nothing in common. Or they fight like cats and dogs.

You want to step in and talk to the other parent, but you shouldn’t. I’ve got an agreement with a couple of friends where we don’t talk about the kids’ problems, we let them settle them on their own. With others, we make them sit down and talk it out.

Funny thing – you think when you’re an adult you’ll be done with the teen drama, then you relive it with your kids. And sometimes, it’s worse than when you went through it yourself.


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