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Life shouldn't be a trek to the grave with the idea of arriving safely in a nice, well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, whiskey & chocolate in hand, body used up, worn out & screaming, "WOO! WHAT A RIDE!"

Protected: For Mack May 3, 2013

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Protected: Premier Beauties! May 2, 2013

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Awesome April 29, 2013

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Sometimes God tells you not to eat for a reason March 10, 2013

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2am vomiting sucks. Even worse when it comes from fear (just had a hail storm). And for the trifecta, being alone to clean it up. Poor kid – there was no way she was making it to the bathroom! I’m just glad she made it out of my bed in time!


Spring break… yay? March 9, 2013

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Spring break is this week. In the past the girls and I have had epic adventures… Or at least not sat around the house bored all week.  This year, all I want to do is to sit around the house. And sleep. Man, I wanna sleep. I don’t know if it’s the yo-yo weather we’re having in Texas, if I’ve been doing too much lately or just a tough mental time. All I know is that right now, thinking about spring break makes me very tired.


A new adventure February 21, 2013

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As of this afternoon, I’m officially a Premier Jewelry representative. I’m so excited!

Been sick for a week with a sinus infection. Phil convinced me to go to the med clinic with the following:


We have insurance.

Go to the damn MedClinic.

Do it for Philip!

Couldn’t say no to the haiku.


Lent is coming February 6, 2013

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It’s time for sacrifice. I do find it amusing that even the “Christmas and Easter” Catholics tend to give something up for Lent. But, that’s neither here nor there, so I shouldn’t go on a tirade. I mean, any sacrifice in the name of God is good.

Last year I gave up soda. It was HARD. I was drinking more than a 2 liter of soda every day. It was good for me, and even now I don’t drink nearly as much soda as I used to. So, this year I need to give up something that’s more of a sacrifice.

I’m thinking about giving up sweets.

… I’ll wait for you to pick your jaws up off the floor.


Yes. Ice cream, cookies, pies, candy, cake – all that delicious, wonderful junk. If I want a sweet, I can have fruit. This would be a HUGE sacrifice for me. I honestly believe every day should include ice cream. My house is full of girl scout cookies. I have an emergency candy stash.

Yep. I think that’s going to be it. I’ve got a week left to binge on sweets. If you see me having ice cream as a meal in the next few days, you’ll know why.


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